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Sunday, 03 August 2014







The next Committee Meeting takes place in the hall at 8;00pm on Tuesday 26th August














Press Releases




Eurospar in Armagh is offering all Mullabrack Supporters a loyalty reward to Mullabrack GFC if their shopping bills comes to £50.


If you spend over £50 you sign the loyalty reward book offering the £50 to go towards Mullabrack GFC.


At the end of the month the total sales nominated to Mullabrack GFC will be totalled up and the club will receive an amount equal to 5% of the total sales. eg Total sales = £5000 club will receive £250.  


Please support our club!



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5 3 “New management team at Mullabrack” 

30th January 2006

5 5 Mid Armagh Shield Mullabrack v Madden

5th February 2006

5 7 New Committee and Website

5th February 2006




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